Deploy a multi services application with swarm mode


In the previous article we saw how to deploy a service using the services api available in swarm mode. The setup of the initial swarm was done here.

The service deployed was a very basic Node.js application that returns the name of a random city of the world and the ip of the container handling the request. The only usage of this service was to test the services api.
We will now deployed a whole application made of several services as represented below.

demo application

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Create a swarm cluster with Docker 1.12 swarm mode

Swarm made easy

One of the biggest changes presented during DockerCon 2016 (gosh… I wish I was there) is the swarm mode of Engine 1.12. What does that mean ? That you can create a swarm cluster out of the box if you have the Docker daemon 1.12 running.

A command as simple as:

$ docker swarm init

is enough to create a Swarm. A Swarm with a single management node but still a Swarm.

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